Friday, March 16, 2007

We Used To Be Annoyed That "Out" and "The Advocate" Came Wrapped In Opaque Plastic, But Now We Wish All Our Mags Came That Way...

A conversation we just had with Condé Nast Publications:
FW: Hi, so my New Yorker started going to my sister’s apartment for some reason.
CN: Did she move?
FW: Yes, she used to live in my apartment and so filled out a change of address form, but she said that the actual magazine label had her address on it, it’s not a post office sticker.
CN: Hmmm...well it looks like the post office told us to send all the magazines there. I can go ahead and fix that. Do you get anything else besides the New Yorker from us?
FW: I think just Vanity Fair.
CN: So who gets Architectural Digest?
FW: Oh yeah, that’s me too.
CN: And Men’s Vogue?
FW: Yes, that is also me.
CN: Details?
FW: Riiiight, yeah, that’s mine.
CN: But regular Vogue, that is your sister's right?
FW: (silence).
CN: Hello, sir?
FW: it’s mine.
CN: Ooookaaay. Would you like to gift it to her?
CN:. Alright......I’ve gone and changed all the addresses back to yours.
FW: Thanks.


bigmouth said...

God, we wish we still lived with you.

Vincent said...

OMG! That is hilarious!

Jonathan said...

you're such a faggot.