Thursday, March 08, 2007

We Always Thought "The Cutting Edge" Deserved Its Own All-Male Remake.

So we saw "Blades of Glory" last night (trailer above). It was, in a word, glorious. It had a simple, short plot, celebrity cameos, slapstick stunts, and some really genius lines that 17-year-old boys will repeat to one another for months.

But the thing that stuck out to us most is that there aren't really any gay jokes in the movie. The writers never really went for the easy "male figure skaters are fags" punchlines. Even Jon Heder's Johnny Weir-inspired character has a female love interest. He's made fun of for looking like a girl quite frequently (because he does - his hair is amazing) but he is never called a homo. Just goes to show that if you have a clever enough writing team, you don't need to stoop to that level.

Anyway, go see the movie. We don't want to give away too much, but let's just say you see a side of Sascha Coen you never thought you'd see. And what gay could say no to that?

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