Wednesday, March 14, 2007

We Think We’re Falling In Love With The Bartender In The Back Room Of Bowery Bar. For Anyone Interested, The Price Of Our Love Is One Free Red Stripe.

Last night was one of those inadvertent nights at Beige where all the people that you like show up, and all the people that you are afraid of stay home. On nights like those, it turns out to be young, drunk and fun, rather than old, sagging and creepy. We arrived to find Jimmy J and Fishwatch holding court in the back, with Nick D. and LL doing cruise laps around the perimeter. Then, to our delight, Dylan showed up (sadly sans nonsexual boyfriend Eric S.), as did Willem D., Erik B., Kristian L., Corey J., George S., Gogo M., and Monte A. de L. We also met Patrick, whose last name we don’t know, but who has somehow dated everyone we’ve ever F’ed. Call us!

Our very favorite gentle giant (well, tied with Clay P.) Justin C. then showed up, creating a stir large enough to cause one random dude to whip out his cock in the middle of the patio. This delighted us to no end. Everyone was trying to hook up with one another and the party ended at Mr. Black, which apparently has a new Tuesday party. It was a big day for our friends, as it was the first time one of us has ever made out with GoGo M., as unlikely as that may sound. In the words of LL, he’s like the Tinsley Mortimer of gay!


Anonymous said...

I think you know people who are lawyers in my firm's NY office.

Is there any chance this means Fishwatch will someday join them?

Of course, I suppose there could be two Monte A. de L.'s in NYC.

Eric S. said...

I was at Pieces... everyone knows Pieces is the new Beige