Tuesday, March 06, 2007

We Got Ann Coulter Tickets For This For Her B-Day, She Is Going To LURVE It...

We attended Terrence McNally's new play "Some Men" on Sunday night with some good looking fagats readers, and, in case you couldn't guess from the show's title, the line for the men's room was about 100x longer than the women's, and we think we got felt up by a man sitting in row M. Also, we sat next to the hot bartender from Barracuda, whom we didn't recognize until CH pointed him out since we have only seen him when he was in a sleeveless shirt and we were on our 7th ruby red and soda.

Maybe "History Boys" set the bar a little too high for all male ensemble plays with gay themes, but we found that the clich├ęs and lack of continuity of "Some Men" outweighed its funny, witty, and endearing moments. It succeeds as a broad collage of the past and present events that have shaped the gays (one review used the term "Hallmark"), and the use of the pectoral muscle and bare ass did help the level of enjoyment, but we wanted to care about both the characters and their dialogue more, which we think is possible even in a play of "scenes." It seemed as if those characters that were well written and acted (mostly those played by David Greenspan) came and went too quickly.

But the thing we did like most was the house full of (good looking!) gay men of all ages, all out to support a play for and about us. Yes, all theater is inherently gay, but overtly gay theater will always have a special place in our hearts, especially when it has a nudity warning.

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