Friday, March 23, 2007

Sir Elton Defends Homos, Makes This Homo Very Happy.

Okay - linking to this article is really just an excuse to tell all of you that we just got a VIP ticket to Elton John's 60th Birthday concert on Sunday! Just before our own birthday! We don't care what anyone says - we have loved Elton for as long as we listened to music. Last year we saw him perform at a benefit, and when he sang "Philadelphia Freedom" we nearly squirted.

See, when we were very young, our brother tricked us into joining Columbia House in order to get himself two free CDs. We ordered our first six free discs, and they included Melissa Ethridge's "Yes I Am," Bryan Adams' "Waking Up The Neighbors," The Cranberries' "Everybody Else Is Doing It So Why Can't We," "The Bodyguard" soundtrack, and finally, Elton John's "The One." It may just be his worst CD ever, but we loved it, and then we discovered his older albums and were hooked for good.

Mmm. That last paragraph may have been a bit too self-revelatory.


cb said...

Bigmouth, I must applaud your gay-boy music choices: your Columbia House albums were all in the amazing Sony five-CD changer that I stole from my sister in 8th grade. Save for the Melissa Etheridge album. Ewww.

Aatom said...

Is this part of your "Why You Are Gay..." series?

Bald Knob said...

I agree with aatom. This should definitely be in the "Why You Are Gay" series. Because Elton John (and possibly Phil Collins) definitely played a big role.

Happy Birthday!