Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sex With An Ex Of Your Ex. A Problem Only Gays Could Invent.

First of all, a belated thank-you to everyone who made it to our birthday party last week. We had a very fun time - several people hooked up, the police were called, and one boy fell down the stairs and got a black eye. Nearly all of our friends came, and also some random scary people who wandered in from the PATH on Christopher Street. And thanks to Dylan for bringing many of the Varsity Gays to round out the group!

But one odd thing happened. One well-meaning friend of ours brought a cute boy to give to us as a "birthday present" (common practice among late twentysomething gays). As we were introduced, our friend said, "Happy Birthday! Here's your gift. Isn't he cute?"

As the night went on, we didn't take advantage of him (though he was indeed cute), and eventually we passed out after everyone left. The twist in the story (no, the gift of ass wasn't it) is that we later found out that we and the boy had a longterm ex-boyfriend in common.

This is a thing straight people never have to deal with. The ol' "wake up in the morning, see a picture on the wall, and realize that you and the boy in bed with you have probably popped the same back pimples" routine. Should we be used to it by now? Should it not bother us anymore? Because it still gives us the willies. Sex with an ex of your ex? Is that the gay way?

We're just not sure we're ready. Maybe on our 27th birthday. Barrett Foa, call us in a year!

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Anonymous said...

Ohhhh! Now the brunch suprise makes sense. So funny! P.S. Did we make out at the party? I'll sign this one anonymous. :)