Monday, March 05, 2007

We Bet You've Never Heard The 30-Minute Version of "Everybody Dance Now." But Now, Everyone On Miami Beach Has.

We've been in Miami for the weekend, which also happened to be Winter Party. This means that in addition to the normal armies of hoop-earringed hoochies and the teams of silver-necklaced guidos, there were thousands and thousands of incredibly tan and muscled gay men.

The homo horde took over The DoubleTree Hotel on Collins, and by 11 in the morning on Saturday, the techno music was blaring, and the men were already dancing with their hands in the air. This continued until sundown, bathing the entirety of South Beach with pounding repetitive house music and lyrics belted by nameless powerful black women. We've never seen so many gays in one place - and outside, a crowd had gathered simply to stare.

We have to be honest - we joined the gawkers at various points, gaping in at the heaving mass of flesh. And it wasn't just because they all had amazing steriod-sculpted bodies. It was because even though they are gay and we are gay, we felt very little in common with them. It was obvious that many, if not most of them, were under the influence of much more than alcohol, and the orgy vibe was clear to even the old, retired Jews on the boardwalk.

It made us happy that there is such diversity within our minority, but it made us wonder at the social factors that created the differences. Is it because we are younger, and grew up in a time and place where we were taught that we didn't need escapes like Circuit Parties to fully embody our sexuality? Most of the people at Winter Party were probably a decade older than we are, but it's not as though there weren't people our age there - we even glimpsed a couple of people we knew in the crowd. Is it that we aren't brave enough to give ourselves over to that kind of open sexuality and enthusiasm?

Whatever the answer, we learned something very important. Clearly we should be doing this gesture a lot more:

Because clearly doing that all day is the secret to an AMAZING body.


southbeachbum said...

You might have enjoyed the pool party on Saturday better, although the weather Saturday was wicked hot.

Anonymous said...

It is great the you find the world so gay friendly! Not too long ago men (or women) congregating in a bar without anyone of the opposite sex could be arrested and put away indefinetly! I'm kidding? Not at all. One of my very good friends who, is now 72 was arrested for just that...( ) Being gay was not always as easy and it may seem today, but thanks to many so called 'gay rights activist' we can enjoy a pretty decent life today. But you can still get fired in most US states if you tell your boss you're gay... So let's all celebrate life - we are gay and we are different. Young, old, slim, fat, jock or muscular - there is a lid for every pot. Even if we want equal rights we are not the same - we will never be. Next time you are at a circuit event, come down and let some "older" gay guys (being 35 is not old, wait til you get there) introduce you to what circuit parties really are about. It can be an unforgettable event where you have an experience and make friendships that last forever. Don't have prejudice - check them at the entrance and live life a little! Look forward seeing you at the dance floor! Best,

MattGaymon said...

I was with the previous guy in spirit, until the very end. Don't drink the pink kool-aid, Fagat!

Aatom said...

by some extremely amusing twist of fate, I am currently the sr. editor of noiZe magazine, formerly Circuit Noize. here's the other terribly amusing thing: you were at Winter Party, I was not. when life gives you irony, make martinis, that's what i say.