Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Last week's edition of WYAG was a little late. We're going to try to keep it on Wednesdays from now on.

Remember "Teen Witch"? It was the best in a series of girl empowerment movies that came out in the late eighties. If you ever saw it, it was probably because you picked it up in the local video store (ours was called "Home Vision") which only had shitty, faded VHS tapes and a limited selection of new releases. In those pre-Blockbuster days, you'd wander the aisles, looking for whatever movie involved the most parent pranks, teen magic or figure skating. (As opposed to now, when you wander the aisles looking for shiny new DVDs with pictures of Eastern European boys looking wistful.)

"Teen Witch" had the added bonus of musical and dance numbers, which set it apart from the pack. The above clip is probably the best, and most memorable, number.

Note the name of the song, which uses the phrase "Top That" as a euphemism for hooking up with a boy.

Funny how things don't change.


fishwatch said...

Since seeing this movie in our youth, we've never stopped trying to put spells on boys to make them like us...

brett said...

the best part is when she goes into that run down house with that hot boy-- i think his name is brad... you totally know that scene!

JJ Apples said...

1. Brad and 'Randa are married in real life now. Gross.

2. Polly is now Jennifer Aniston's Yoga instructor. Grosser

3. Louise starred in a movie with Tara Reid that was released in Europe last year. AMAZING!

Im gonna be the most popular giiiirl!

Frank said...

It's amazing how you know my childhood so well. Are you Joey from down the street?

Anonymous said...

i'm gonna change my hair and makeup!