Monday, March 19, 2007

We Feel Bad That We Didn't Post Today. Oh, Wait, No We Don't, Because We're In Vegas!

We love Las Vegas. It's like the world capital of camp. We decided when we get older and marry rich, we're going to open a big gay casino bathhouse here and call it Gomorrah.

But we were flying all day and couldn't blog. Which prevented us from directing you to The Malcontent's March Gayness bracket, where you could have voted for us (or friends FHC's, Vividblurry, or Aatom Bomb). Not that we had a chance - we were up against Towleroad in the first round. Since Andy was probably the top seed, clearly we were ranked pretty low. (Meanwhile, did we tell you we're leading in our office March Madness pool? Go Go Gadget Gayness!)

Meanwhile Elton and Celine are both on vacation this week and we are one PO'ed pansy.

Anyway, if anyone knows gays here, let us know. We need to make friends. The kind of friends that enjoy business suites at Caesar's Palace with king-sized beds, RainShower shower heads, and flatscreen televisions next to the jacuzza bathtub. You know that kind.


Frank said...

So you were bottom to Andy Towle's top? I don't think I'd mind that.

Aatom said...

Looks like I was eliminated first round as well, but I was up against Josh & Josh, who probably deserve it. But thanks for the shout out.

Check it out, I posted on my little website thingy!

Anonymous said...

I think Mr Towle is not likely to be a Top, given the fact that he dated Matt Sanchez, who is so obviously a TOP and nothing else (if his escort/personal ads are to be believed). Just sayin...