Saturday, October 01, 2005

And Leon Said, "Bunny? I'm Worth A Million..."

British lawyers have uncovered yet another angle to the jackpot of billable hours that will come when the United Kingdom officially recognizes civil partnerships in January of next year. No, not gay divorce - that's so 2004.

In Britain in 2006, according to The Guardian, Gay Pre-Nups will be the new subway bombings. And some family law firms are getting a head start:

Gay couples have already begun discussions with their lawyers., an online legal firm, says it is drawing up pre-nups for a growing list of same-sex couples. The company's Mark Andrews said: "People are forever having the benefits of partnerships trumpeted to them ... but there does not seem to be much reflection of the fact that they have potential liabilities if things go wrong. Almost one in two straight marriages ends in divorce, and there is no reason to think the picture will be any better with gay and lesbian partnerships."

Wha..? But we were only marrying him for the Boston Terrier and the gym membership! These straight people have us all figured out.

Take, for example, the first sentence of the Guardian article:

The champagne is being ordered, the Cadillacs booked, the rings lovingly chosen...

Cadillacs? It's like they read our minds!


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