Tuesday, October 04, 2005

When Life Gives You Lemons, Go Sell Lemonade In Chelsea Because The Gays Are Rich Suckers.

Brendon Lemon, the elusive editor-in-chief of Out Magazine, has just stepped down, according to our queer friend over at Jossip. His 5-year reign included many highs and lows, delivered straight to your door monthly in an opaque plastic bag, leading your mail person and/or parents to believe you were subscribing to porn.* For readers who DIDN'T subscribe to Out's monthly dose of hot bodies, outdated cultural witticisms, and off-putting ads for clothing-optional resorts in Florida, here's a rundown of some of Brendan Lemon's contributions to the genre:

* Replacing actual gay men on the cover with models and hot guys who "played gay" in a movie.
* Having fabulous cocktail parties with lots of intellectual discussion and Abercrombie models.
* Pretending to have a Major League Baseball boyfriend that no one ever met, who wrote at essay in Out with a 800 Verbal SAT vocabulary.
* Perfecting, after several tries, the nonchalant editor's photo in which the top of his bald head happens to be jauntily lopped off.

We're rooting for Executive Editor Bruce Shenitz to replace him as editor. Shenitz not only counts a stint at Newsweek among his credits, but also the ever elusive gay publishing accolade: "Not An Imbecile."

*(which, for your money, you should have been)

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