Monday, October 17, 2005

You Should See What Happened To The City-Loaned Dishtowel

Spokane Mayor James West might be in trouble for looking at gay websites on a city-loaned laptop while traveling, reports the AP. West is the elected leader of a major US city - so this discovery obviously raises many important questions. For example:

* Will this affect his re-election?
* Would this be newsworthy if they were straight websites?
* What are you, eight? Don't you know you should always delete your cookies?

But the most eye-opening part of the AP story is here:

West is pressing a court fight to prevent release of a second CD, which West's lawyers have said contains offensive material, plus the identities and photos of hundreds to thousands of men whose privacy West wants to protect.

Hundreds to thousands of men who might be compromised, eh? We guess that's understandable. He is a hottie. ...Wait, what's that you say? The man pictured above is actually New Paltz Mayor JASON West? And THIS is Spokane Mayor James West?
And you wonder why every time we leave the east coast, we glue our ass cheeks together...


Rod Pendergrass said...

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Rootin' in Denmark said...

I think the most offensive thing about this story is your characterization of Spokane as a 'major US city.'
If a four-lane highway, a paper mill, and a half-dozen Teriyaki-joint strip malls makes a major US city, There's a lot of happy Iowa mayors out there today. . .

Tristan said... do you delete cookies exactly ?