Thursday, October 06, 2005

You Must Remember To Polish The Broomstick, Otherwise It May Leave Splinters

Teachers kicked "Shadowmancer" author Rev. Graham Taylor out of a school in England after he told a group of 12 year-old students that Harry Potter was gay. While we heartily agree with the school's decision (the boy hasn't even COME OUT yet, give him some time!), it did get us to thinking about wee Mr. Potter. Let's run over the evidence:

* He often hides in a closet from his family.
* He has a secret that makes him different from every other little boy in his town.
* He has an overprotective mother.
* He has a witty, bitchy best female friend.
* He has an owl named Hedwig.
* His most recent girlfriend, before a mysteriously long dry spell, was Asian.

Wait a minute! He IS a fag! So what does this tell us about Dumbledore?

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Anonymous said...

erm...are you stupid? Harry isn't gay. Dumbledore is, but Harry? No. He has a wife and three kids! DUH. Also, what's the matter with gay people anyway? If being gay is a disease, lets call in sick to work. It doesn't work like that. You need to accept everyone for who they are, not who they are attracted to.