Friday, October 14, 2005

Did You Know Black People Don't Watch "Top Gun"?

Speaking of gay, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are set to get married in Cancun, according to Britain's trash talking trollops, the 3am Girls.

While Katie, 26, wants to get hitched before her bump gets too noticeable, her 43-year-old beau is also keen to make things official before the arrival of their little bundle of joy. A source close to the couple tells us they first chose the hotel four months ago - long before Katie discovered she was pregnant. "Tom's old fashioned," our spy tells us. "He wants his child to be born in wedlock. He's very romantic and wants everything to be in place before the birth."

Ah yes. His Scientology religion, after all, was invented over fifty years ago! That’s, like, half of a hundred. And aliens have been around for-EVER! Tom is way old fashioned.

The girls describe the wedding’s proposed venue, the Ritz Carlton in Cancun, as “exclusive.” Which we think is exactly right, if it’s only drunk frat guys that they want to attend. Dibs on the Sharpie when Tom passes out!

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