Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Would You Like Some Hate With That Whine?

The blindness of some heterosexuals toward irony never ceases to stagger us.

In Austin, the Ku Klux Klan has decided to rally against a statewide gay marriage ammendment, upsetting opposition groups who want nothing to do with the controversial sect:

One such person is Pastor Ryan Rush of Bannockburn Baptist Church. Rush said that a group that would come in that is characterized as hateful and bigoted is not welcome in this city. He said he doesn't want the Klan as a partner on any cause.

Nothing? Not even a smirk? Not even a “Isn’t it funny that we’re actually pushing for the same kind of discrimination but we still think we’re different” chortle? We wonder, when the religious protesters are standing shoulder to shoulder with the Klan members, chanting the same slogans and holding the same signs, if THEN, the point will come across. Somehow we doubt it.

Ah… Human comedy. So funny we forgot to laugh.

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