Sunday, October 23, 2005

You Stay Classy, San Diego

Washington Blade Managing Editor Kevin Naff finally up and writes what no one has had the guts to write before: gay celebrities should come out. This is a landmark essay, we think, specifically because we know how many celebrities read the Washington Blade.

But that's not all. Naff plows his way into more uncharted territory - naming ACTUAL celebs who MIGHT be gay. Jodie Foster! Sean Hayes! David Dreier! ANDERSON COOPER, PEOPLE! Call mom!

Our favorite part of the article, which should have come in the first paragraph, details a night Naff spent with Fox News anchor Shep Smith:

Smith once chatted me up in a New York City gay piano bar, bought me drinks, and invited me back to his place. When I declined, he asked me to dinner the next night, another invitation I politely refused. We sat at the bar chatting and drinking martinis until 3 a.m., our conversation interrupted only when he paused to belt out the lyrics to whatever showtune was being performed.

Three sentences of pure poetry. We're not saying we know anything, but if any twink wants to politely accept an invitation back to a famous anchor's place, he might want to start politely hanging out at Siberia in the wee hours.

We're just sayin'...


Frank said...

Those eyebrows of his really freak me out. They're almost Vulcan in the angularity!

buff said...

These guys and gals should just come out of the closet. By the way, I agree with the comment on the eyebrows. UGH