Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Otis Was A Man

Allow us to do a little translation for you of today's Page Six lead item, involving Camryn Manheim, her puppy son, Milo, and male model Jeffrey Brezovar. To summarize, Brezovar donated sperm to Manheim, Manheim used it to make a baby in her belly, and then Out Magazine wanted to write about the whole thing. Manheim initially agrees, then panics, backs out, and a gossip item is born. But in the article, there are some nuances a lay person might miss, so allow us to translate for you:

PAGESIX: Manheim's rep didn't return calls or e-mails.
TRANSLATION: Manheim's rep did return calls, but asked to just be called a source so as to seem more legit.

PAGESIX: "Camryn is a huge supporter of the gay and lesbian community, but she wanted to shield Milo from any unwanted public scrutiny of having a 'Gay Dad,' " said our source.
TRANSLATION: "This kid is already doing blow in the sandbox with Ava Phillipe and Rocco Ritchie. He is not ready for his closeup," said Manheim's rep.

PAGESIX: Manheim was also said to be concerned because of "Jeffrey's relationship with Oprah Winfrey's [openly gay] interior designer Nate Berkus [whose last boyfriend, Fernando Bengoechea, died in the tsunami last year.] Camryn is worried that Jeffrey's higher public profile is going to negatively impact Milo."
TRANSLATION: "Quick, name some famous gays. ANY gays, don't have to be men. Isn't that cute guy from Oprah single? He's kind of cute, but in a tortured way. What were we talking about again?"

But seriously. We want to be friends with Ava Phillipe. Can you give her our number?

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