Wednesday, October 26, 2005

We Only Molest The Boys Because We Need People To Grow Up And Be Priests, Duh.

A Christian group has sent a congratulations press release to Walgreen’s corporate headquarters after the company decided to be a sponsor of the Gay Games

In an editorial published on Christian news website Agape Press, AFA spokesman Randy Sharp says, “Historical precedent promises that homosexual encounters will take place by the thousands… Walgreens must be salivating at the prospect of the new customers this will create… Someone at Walgreens deserves a huge bonus for the idea to increase sales by helping drive events that result in the need for the company’s drugs.”

No word on whether this was the same group that wrote Hitler the famous 1943 “Thanks For Putting All Of The Jews Into Small Overheated Rooms – That Will Be Sure To Teach Them Tolerance" note.

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