Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Olly Olly Oxen Free!

As much as we've tried to ignore it, today is National Coming Out Day. The holiday was invented in 1988 by people who clearly missed half of the fun of being gay - which is going out to FIND the other gays wherever they are hiding! After all, how are the rest of us going to rack up homo points if we don't do any more recruiting?

But it seems like the perfect opportunity to turn the looking glass on our favorite subject of discussion. Ourselves. When was the last time you wouldn't date a cutie because he was "too gay" for you, only to be told later by a drunk friend that you are, in fact, more nelly than the guy you negged? This happens to us on a daily basis.

We will always be alone.

Anyway, the Human Rights Campaign has made an easy test to see how gay you are. Take it and see how you measure up! When we took it, we got "You're somewhere over the rainbow - but not all the way to the pot of gold!"

We can accept that. We're WASPy, we wear silver anyway.

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