Saturday, October 22, 2005

No, I'm No One's Wife - But, Oh, I Love My Life

We've always been interested in queer characters in movies. Whenever Rupert Everett, Sean Hayes, or Kevin Kline comes onto the screen, not only do stereotypes inevitably emerge about gay people, but stereotypes about straight people also pop up. For every musical theater-loving neatnik roommate, there is a beer guzzling, rowdy, messy big brother counterpart.

So naturally we're excited for Catherine Zeta-Jones' new project. The "Chicago" star is working on a film about a gay man who has to come home and take over as coach for his dead father's rugby team.

"He's doing WEST SIDE STORY and has to go back home and get all these fat, drinking, smoking Welsh guys into shape to win the rugby tournament," says Zeta-Jones.

Which is all very well and good. Seeing as the last movie she made with a big bunch of queers won her an Oscar, perhaps this will up her cred.

Certainly, at least, this puts her one step further along in her seemingly determined quest to never be as good as Nicole Kidman.

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