Tuesday, October 04, 2005

...But She Knows All The Best Dead Baby Jokes...

We don't know what to think about this whole Harriet Miers kerfluffle, other than that Rachel Dratch has scored herself another easy recurring celebrity to lampoon on Saturday Night Live. Neither does the New York Times, it seems, which got its support hose in a twist yesterday about the fact that Miers isn't married:

"A native of Dallas, Miers is single and decribed by friends as a devout church-goer. While no back-slapper, she did take part in law firm softball games. She is known to enjoy watching football, playing tennis, running and music."

BACK-SLAPPER? Was "twat-vaccuum" too hard to get past copy editors?

We're not even going to bring up the near-pornographic uses of "softball," football," and "native" in the above quote, but we did notice that the Times was quick to publish an AP pickup the next day, which quoted lobbyists decrying the tactic of outing political candidates.

Which reminds us to ask the Times, how's that glass house you've been building on 8th Avenue?

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