Thursday, October 13, 2005

Fag Meets Hag

Congratulations to our drinking buddy and fellow blogger Perez Hilton, who finally met his maker. Perez, whose hilarious blog is an homage to Paris (and everything pop culture that she represents), befriended Paris recently in New York, and made a splash on the red carpet in Vegas when he ran into her this weekend:

"Paris came over, gave Perez a big hug and a kiss and then proceeded to give him an exclusive five minute interview, the only one she would grant that night," gushes Perez.

We've met Paris a few times, too, and can understand why he's so excited. Deep behind the wonky eye, the drunk-even-when-sober personality, the incessant pot-smoking and the steadfast refusal to wear underwear - there lies the icy heart of a ruthless bitch.

Of COURSE gay men love her!

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