Thursday, October 27, 2005

And Then I DVR'ed An Entire Season of NASCAR!

Our roommate pointed out a funny article in the New York Times today about how DVDs of the complete seasons of popular shows are changing the way we watch television. We can attest to this firsthand, as our boyfriend has already watched whole seasons of Entourage, Lost, Arrested Development, Will and Grace, and The Family Guy since moving to New York last month. We can barely keep up with Desperate Housewives, so we’re planning on spending 80% of our retired life watching complete season DVDs of all of the shows we are missing now.

The other 20%, of course, will be spent swallowing fistfuls of Viagra and being lecherous at clothing optional resorts in Key West. And pooping. We can’t wait!

Our favorite part of the article is here:

A 31-7ear-old lawyer once squeezed five full seasons of "Gilmore Girls" into two months, though he said his most impressive DVD marathon was when a snowstorm caused his office to close and he spent about 22 hours watching the entire first season of "Angel." Such devotion means that every now and then he must decline an invitation to happy hour. He has been known to turn off his cellphone and later claim that it died. His more creative excuses include informing callers that he and his roommate are engaged in a John Madden PlayStation tournament or that they cannot go out because they purchased an "Ultimate Fighting Championship" from pay-per-view. "You make up a reason," Mr. Rivera said, "because you can't say you're not going out on a Thursday night because 'I'm going to see how this 'Gilmore Girls' ends.' "

If the lawyer feels he can’t make a statement like that, perhaps he would feel more comfortable with: “I can’t share a beer with you guys tonight because my mouth will be too full of cock.”

We feel that this gets the message across more efficiently.


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Alex R. said...

Can we borrow Lost season one?

bigmouth said...

He's not done with it yet.

schweitz said...

i want to start spam-commenting like some of these people do.

"I enjoyed reading through your blog. INSERT AD FOR MY OWN WEBSITE HERE."

That's just rude, people.

aishwarya said...

Thanks for the shoutout...

cglass said...

Your writing is comic genius.