Wednesday, October 12, 2005

We'd Live The Life We'd Choose, We'd Fight And Never Lose

We were always under the impression that the gay rights movement was started, in part, so that gay men would no longer have to look in dark corners of secluded parks or in dirty public bathrooms to find empty and anonymous sexual release.

Silly us. Those were the glory days!

We never understood why the older generation liked mustaches and flannel so much, either. But we'll go with it.

Apparently, the eradication of such lonely/erotic/dangerous places is really getting the oldies down. The New York Observer’s Choire Sicha waxes nostalgic today on the city’s bygone “nooks and crannies for crooks and trannies," and yearns for the birth of new cruising venues. On the lost seduction of the piers in Chelsea:

"And for all the autumnal-evening sexual tension of workers free from their desks, and for all the cock you can see swinging in shiny workout shorts, well, there’s not much in the way of release, because the whole place itself is built to discourage such acts."

So... that's... bad?

But there is a bright side! According to architect Carles Renfro, who has been working on the project, the plans for the new Highline Park will include lots and lots of dark and overgrown places for anal rape love connections!

“People will cruise,” Mr. Renfro wrote, “whenever and wherever there are glances exchanged. The ‘L’ train is the cruisiest and sexiest public space in town.”

...sometimes, there are no words.

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