Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Nothing Like This Ever Happens At The Boy's Room

Now that Rush & Molloy has outed Adrian Grenier for hanging out at our favorite East Village gay bar Starlight, we’ll admit that we were there that night. It was two weeks ago on a Friday and he rolled in at about 11:30 with the other members of his “Honey Brothers” band. (Grenier's nickname in the band, by the way, is “Fluffer.” He explained recently in New York Magazine that he gained the nickname “because I keep the energy up.” Woah, cowboy).

The bar wasn’t that crowded and nobody seemed to notice the “Entourage” star, particularly the dyke bartender who carded him and then insisted upon keeping his license to keep the tab open. This further proves that lesbians have officially divorced themselves from popular culture, and should not be allowed out of Park Slope. Ever.

We chatted with Adrian and company, and learned they were there because one of the band members (not Adrian) is gay – and is bummed that more men don’t come out to their shows. So listen up, boys, this is a call to everyone. Go see the Honey Brothers!

Many drinks later, we decided it had been really a lovely experience, which we followed up by leaving without our credit card and ID, and going home to throw up on our wall.

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Anonymous said...

An old promoter from the Buckingham parties at Plaid is having the Honey Brothers open the club he designed with another old Limelight/Twilo boy.

They have boy and girl dancers and are the new home of the Donkey Show.

Shakespeare disco drag, uke playing brooklyn boys, Richie Rich, Amanda Lepore, a straight promoter of mostly gay parties, and a straight TV star who likes to hang out at LES dyke bars.

I love NY.

The new club is GO-GO, the party is tomorrow night, we are walking up from SPLASH to support our friend's new place and the band. And of course, the unnamed band member. I don't know if they are doing tickets or what?