Monday, October 10, 2005

What Is It About Powerful Mother Figures?

Geena Davis' son on "Commander in Chief" might come out as gay in an upcoming episode, reports Andy from (with whom we are frantically in love, btw). Yummy Manhunt alum Matt Lanter, who plays the boy half of Davis' teenage twin set , will likely be up to the challenge.

This is spectacular because after "Desperate Housewives," "Will and Grace," and "It's All Relative," TV land is thirsty for a primetime show featuring an empathetic gay character with solid morals and a strong family. This is an opportunity for ABC to show that young gay people are three-dimensional characters who aren't all about sex and sleaze...

HA! We totally had you going there. The real reason that this is great news is that Lanter has fantastic tits, and we bet we're going to see lots and lots of them!

("It's All Relative"??? We don't even know what the hell that is...)

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