Monday, October 17, 2005

New York Times Visits Dartmouth, Blacks Out, And Remembers Nothing

We know this post isn't that gay, but it does involve booze, chest thumping and a pair of slippery balls, so we feel that's good enough. If you're the last person to not be emailed the New York Times' front page article on beer pong, go check it out now. It's an amazing article - but there are some minor innaccuracies:

In beer pong, each team stands at the end of a table in front of a triangle of cups partially filled with beer. Players pitch the ball into the other team's cups. When a player sinks the ball, the other team must chug the beer and remove the cup from the table. When a side runs out of cups, it loses.

What they are describing here, is actually beer pong's terrorist cousin, Beirut. Even we know that, and we only drink clear liquors. Still, our favorite part of the article is when a Budweiser spokeswoman has her very own margarita moment:

But Ms. Katz said Bud Pong was not intended for underage drinkers because promotions were held in bars, not on campuses. And it does not promote binge drinking, she said, because official rules call for water to be used, not beer.

Ooooh, right. The official rules. If only someone had told us that the official rules called for vaginas to be used, not assholes, we wouldn't be in this mess!

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Tristan said...

Ah the decadent orgy of life in US colleges. Sure China is emerging as the next superpower but you people know how to have fun.