Tuesday, January 23, 2007

And No, We Did Not See "Zoo."

So this weekend we went to the Sundance Film Festival, which, in the grand scheme of things, isn't all that gay. But we did see stars that as a gay person, we love, like Adam Brody, Diego Luna and the flawless Scott Speedman. And we ran into such gay stars as Chad Allen, Robert Gant, Perez Hilton, and the kid from "Will and Grace" who was on this season of "24." (Okay, he may not actually be a gay person, but he is a gay celebrity) Perez was looking slimmer and we actually sort of digged his new pink hair. Chad and Robert were in the interminable line behind us as we waited to get into the Entertainment Weekly party on Saturday.

When we saw them waiting like regular people, rather than trying to pull some C-list status to cut the line, they really earned our respect. You never see that kind of behavior. Maybe, we thought, these gays were different.

Then, when we got in, the former "Queer As Folk" star took two steps into the coat check area, spotted our date, and immediately hit on him. And we remembered that, really, gays are pretty much all the same.

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