Friday, January 12, 2007


Fridays are hard. All we do is basically wait around at our desk for the twenty productive minutes after we stop being drunk and before we start being hungover. The rest of the day, except for those twenty minutes, is pretty much lost time.

So we decided that on Fridays we would allow some of our girlfriends write posts for us on weighty gay issues of the day. Mostly, we figure, they’ll write about what they love best: queers.

So today we bring you our first official Fag Hag Friday entry, from our co-worker and great friend Patsy:

One thing I really appreciate about my best fag is his loyalty in disliking my
ex-boyfriends right alongside of me.

Female friends do not always do this, as female friends inherently want all men to like them. Female friends will say they hate your ex when they are talking to you, but then they will later happily accept his Friendster invitation.

This sort of bff loyalty was displayed the other night when in a drunken state I somehow managed to respond to a text message from a very long ago, very maladjusted ex-boyfriend. I invited him to meet my group of similarly inebriated pals. Said ex-boyfriend approaches my best fag with the tag-line I am sure he is very used to saying given how maladjusted an individual he is, "I'm sure you really don't like me." To which my best fag smiled warmly, nodded politely and looked away.

In the morning my fag said to me, "That was confusing. I couldn't remember if I was openly hostile to that one or quietly hostile. We must keep a list."


Anonymous said...

"One this I really appreciate about my best fag is his loyalty in disliking my
ex-boyfriends right alongside of me." ? Time to turn the grammar check back on.

bigmouth said...

Dude, stop harshing. We're hungover.

MyMyMichl said...

Picky-picky, BM. I understood it, but I rarely read these posts; I'm too preoccupied in concentrating on what I'll say in my comment.

Anonymous said...

It's not just the loyalty of fags to their hags that makes the bond so unique it is the fact that we can surround ourselves with men and not fight over them. We are not competition to your men and we do not have to look better than you for our breeder boys. Fags are catty and competitive and women are secretly sizing one another up--even bffs.

But there are different kinds of hags. I've created a quiz about it, actually. Let me know if you think it is accurate, sweetie. Try it on for SIZE.

Anonymous said...

Since i cant fine the email fagats function, most probably because I am ADD I am hoping you see this comment. You def need to post about Jake Gyllenhal (sp?) SNL performance of the jennifer hudson/dreamgirls smash And I am telling you as an homage to his supportive gay fans. SO Fagats worthy.