Wednesday, January 03, 2007

We're Still Afraid To Go To The New Boysroom. Mostly Because It Has A Window.

So although we are back in the United States, we have yet to make our grand entrance back into the social scene in New York. We’ve been up in the North Country visiting our parents since last week, and will only arrive in the city on Thursday. Which means our return will require careful planning. At which gay party should we make our first grand appearance?

Here are our options (from what we recall):

Thursday: Duvet. We think. This party was dying the last time we were in the city, but gay parties, like pimples in the cartilage under the bridge of your nose, take forever to actually go away.
Friday: Opaline. Every time we go to this party we get super drunk in advance because it’s expensive and the drinks are shitty. At the end of the night, we think we’ve had a great time. Then, in the morning, we find all the new names in our cellphone and remember that tragic moment when we were on the box with the 16-year-old from Hoboken. Oh God, everyone saw.
Saturday: Mr. Black. We’ve never been to Mr. Black but we hear it’s appropriately popular and appalling. This may be a good idea as we finally have an excuse as to why we haven’t attended a cool gay party. We were in EUROPE people! That ought to impress all the waiters and hairdressers.
Sunday: Hiro. Last time we went to this party we ended up dancing around at 3 am in an efficiency suite in the Gansevoort hotel swigging from an open bottle of Level Vodka, sandwiched between two naked Australians. They never called.
Monday: Don’t be stupid.
Tuesday: La Beige. Honestly, this is probably the best choice. The club where the sacred gay tradition of “The Lap” around the bar was invented, Beige is always guaranteed to have at least two dozen people you went to college with, work with, and have slept with. And you never have to talk to one person for more than 89 seconds.
Wednesday: Phoenix. If we’re feeling like unwashed geriatric man balls by Wednesday, we’ll see you there. Otherwise, meet us at Beige.


Anonymous said...

duvet died. Its over. There is a new pop rocks but it kinda sucked.

i think opaline is dead too but there is a new friday party from the people that brought us opaline and boysroom. It's at don hills.

I won money at drag bingo on monday!

We missed you!

Tristan said...

Well I was born in Europe so f**ck you.

Michael S said...

Thanks Bigmouth, and welcome home.


ps: I can't read those fucking code letters on the screen; I'm cross eyed. Don't you want people to post?

fishwatch said...

There is also Bank on Saturday nights, no? Or is it Friday. All we know is that there is a cover and a muscles requirement so we never go.