Monday, January 08, 2007

They May Not Seem Appealing, But Then Again, We've Seen More Presidential Daughters Naked Than You Have.

We probably should have posted this yesterday, but we were the last gays in America to see Dreamgirls and it basically took up all of our day (and a fifth of Johnny Red). Sorry about that.

By now you all have probably read this article in the New York Times about naked parties at Yale. If you haven't, we imagine that it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that it was hidden in a section called "Educational Life" that had a bunch Asian people on the cover. Anyway, since both FAGAT Guide writers attended Yale and also some (okay, many) naked parties, we thought it was worthy of comment.

The article is accurate when it says the parties are not bacchanals. No sex went on at any party we ever saw.

Sure, Fishwatch went to many gay parties mostly to ogle a particularly beautiful boy (who is now engaged to a very beautiful girlfriend of ours). And, fine, perhaps Bigmouth got riled up enough to deflower an underclassman immediately following one such evening. But really, for the most part, no sex.

How can that be, you wonder? Just imagine being in a room full of all of the people at your high school who had the time to study enough to be at the top of their class. You know, the people who weren't too busy with sports, extracurriculars, significant others, hobbies or friends? Now imagine those people naked.

Don't feel much like sex, do you.

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Anonymous said...

How does one prepare (get "dressed") for a naked Ivy party?