Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Does This Mean The "Bend and Snap" Is A No-No This Summer? Sad.

As you all know, we love it when there is an intersection between "gay" and "lawyers," so the internet was highly entertaining for us today.

As you may have read here, here, here or here, a gay attorney at Sullivan & Cromwell has filed a discrimination suit agaist the firm, alleging that a partner threw a document at his feet and told him to "bend over and pick it up -- I'm sure you like that."

The complaint also alleges: "The next day, [the partner] handed a document to Plaintiff and said 'I just took a shit while reading this, and some might still be on there for you.'"

What we find really freakin' awesome is that this guy is STILL working at the firm. He has not quit or taken a leave or anything of the sort. He's just showing up in the morning with his green tea, chilling in his office, doing whatever lawyers at big firms do (bending over? playing with poop? please don't actually tell us or we might start regretting our life choices).

Anyway, we are SO mad we did not go on our callback to this firm, as, given our luck meeting high profile gays at law firms, we probably would have interviewed with said Plaintiff, be married to him by now, and thus deserving of some of that sweet settlement money coming his way.

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