Thursday, January 18, 2007

We Keep Telling Ourselves To Think About the Miles...

Last night we finally got around to opening some mail from the last 2 months and came across our “2006 Annual Summary of Charges” for our trusty piece of plastic, which has every charge we ever made in 2006 separated neatly into categories. Some observations:
  • We can see in the “Restaurant Category” every date we went on in 2006, which was a fun, although very brief, walk down memory lane. Not so fun was seeing how many times we ordered an entire pie from Patsy’s 69th Street ($20.59) and ate it, alone, in our apartment, most likely while watching something from Netflix ($10.83/month).
  • We noticed that on one date back in March, we were charged the same amount twice, which seems to indicate that the waiter swiped our card twice instead of both our card and our date’s card (ladies, gay people split meals when they go out on dates, (or at least this is what the gays we go out with tell us)). This means WE paid for dinner ($40.59 + $40.59). In the end, this may be a good thing, as now we do not feel so bad for not calling said date back.
  • We got 11 haircuts ($32.47 – $88.76) in 2006, by 4 different institutions. One lady at one institution thinks she is our exclusive hair person.
  • We made 105 charges at Starbucks in 2006 for a grand total of $221.55 (105 x $2.11). These charges stopped when we discovered a new coffee place near school that charges basically double what Starbucks does ($4.00 x 16 = $64).
  • And finally, our internet porn charges ($[redacted]) fall under “merchandise” and not “services.” We guess this makes sense. Our co-pay at our dermatologist’s office ($35.00) falls under “miscellaneous,” and not “services.” Now this we do not understand.

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