Wednesday, January 17, 2007

See, Anderson? It Didn't Sting That Badly.

We were just emailed the transcript from TR Knight's appearance on the Ellen Degeneres Show today. As we are stuck in purgatory (O'Hare Airport), we didn't watch it, but we liked what we read. Ellen doesn't always talk about being gay, but she has come a long way from the closeted star she was nearly ten years ago. And her public relationship with Portia De Rossi has provided a good example for people learning about homosexuality. Here, Ellen asks TR about the incident in which his bigoted co-star Isaiah Washington called him a "faggot":
Ellen: And then the other night at the Golden Globes I guess Isaiah Washington starting up the whole thing up again which is kind of crazy…
T.R.: Yeah, he denied that he said it (faggot)..I don’t know what to say…really about that.
Ellen: I don’t either, other than it seems like at this point and time we should not say hateful words to one another and we should all learn…
Ellen: I just wish you continued success and that this is out of the way and that people stop saying hateful things to one another or just using that word is dangerous.
T.R.: It is and I don’t know what to say about it but it’s pretty bad..
Ellen: But I’m proud of you, you’re a brave guy.
T.R.: But, thanks to you.. it was ten years ago... but it just made all the difference in the world..
Ellen: It was a different time and things are getting better.
T.R: I was recently watching some of your interviews from that time and it was just .. It was so..I’m losing my words and I apologize it’s just very moving and it just meant so much.
Ellen: Well, what you're doing is going to mean something to other people that are seeing that because you’re an amazing guy, so I’m proud of you.
Granted, TR Knight doesn't quite have the starpower or sex appeal of McDreamy or McSteamy. But he does seem like the kind of guy who would be your friend, and the kind of guy you would want to stick up for if someone called him a hateful name. Hopefully, like Ellen inspired him to be proud of who he was, maybe he one day will do the same for other young gays.

Speaking of which, you know what would really make us proud? If he stopped being such a wuss and fucked the shit out of Dr. Torres.

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Bald Knob said...

Maybe he can fuck her, but she banged his boss so it could never work in the long run. Especially since McSteamy is such a douche. My problem is I hate Isaiah Washington, but Preston Burke is a pretty important part of the show. Granted, he's an asshole on the show, but if they fired him, literally half of the storylines would also need to be tossed. Maybe some kind of public censure, followed by an apology where he doesn't self-quote hateful words. Thoughts??