Thursday, January 25, 2007

We Do Give Cheney Credit For Actually Finding A Way To Make Wolf Blitzer Shut Up, For Once In His Life.

You may have seen this Cheney appearance on The Situation Room already. It's really awkward. We're not willing to stand firmly behind Blitzer for asking about Cheney's pregnant lesbian daughter, Mary (though the obvious argument seems to be that any politician would be delighted to blab about heterosexual pregnancy rather than face a grilling over political blunders).

But we do think Cheney should be embarrassed for passing up yet ANOTHER chance to stick up for his daughter. It's hard enough being in the public eye and making a controversial decision to raise a family in a gay household. But imagine how much worse it would be if your own father refused to defend you against conservative criticism? Cheney got huffy with Wolf, but he never said he thought that Focus on the Family was wrong, or that he thought his daughter's decision was healthy and wise. What an effing coward.

Then again, why would we be surprised that the only person with a pair of balls in that family would be the dyke?

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