Monday, January 22, 2007

As Our Friends Know Too Well, There Is No Such Thing As Too Much A Cappella...

The Times has picked up on the attack of the Yale singing group which spawned many-a-Bigmouth boyfriend, quoting the mother of one of the boys as rightfully questioning why no arrests have been made in the homophobic attack that left her son with a broken jaw.

What's interesting about this story, as a friend of ours pointed out to us, is
...the PR, spin, etc. arising from this. Liberal left groups are up in arms about this being a "gay related hate crime," and the conservative right is on the soap boxes defending "patriots who were pummeled for singing the Star Spangled Banner." Sean Hannity of all people even offered a $10,000 reward for info leading to arrests.
For instance, as another friend pointed out, "in a story recently in the LA Times, they called it a 'schoolboy scuffle' and didn't mention even once the fact that slurs and gay-bashing were involved."

Also interesting (slash kind of hilarious) is this talk of a previous S.F.P.D. scandal known as, yes, we're serious, "Fajitagate," a "2002 incident involving three off-duty officers who were accused of accosting two men and using excessive force as they demanded that the men surrender a bag of fajitas." Apparently, the hosts of the New Year's party where the attack took place, themselves former officers of the S.F.P.D., were accused of leaking information against the department, potentially explaining why the department is being slow to respond to the attack on the singers.

But perhaps what is of most interest to us is this story shared by one other friend:
I was out at a gay bar, and I was wearing my Yale visor. Some random guy came up to me and said..."OMG, were you in the Baker's Dozen!" I said no, and he said "too bad, that would have been hot," as he rolled his eyes and walked away.
For those of you (basically everyone we know from college except us, (but not for lack of trying)) who managed to bed a BD and steal his "Spring Tour '01" or "Rush 2002" shirt in the morning, now is the time to wear it - for purposes of both supporting justice, and, more importantly, getting laid.

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We knew there was a reason we kept all those goddamn shirts...