Thursday, January 11, 2007

We're Also Excited To Hear The Rumbling Sounds Of Ted Kennedy's Chuckles As He Tries To Slice Up The Funding For Bush's Troop Deployment.

In an exciting turn of events, we will be leaving NYC tomorrow to go down to Washington, DC. We will be impinging on the hospitality of the gorgeous Cub B, the sexy Thomas B, the exy Alex S, and of course FHC.

We made an official list of activities in which we would like to indulge, including visiting the New York Streets exhibit at the National Gallery, and the National Building Museum. But here is our unofficial list of important Washington sights we would like to see:

  1. Be Bar - We know nothing about it but we hear it's new. Maybe there won't be the same eight guys in pastel polos at THIS one!
  2. Guerilla Queer Bar - Mostly because we are connected to it on Friendster through FHC.
  3. Toby - Because his back isn't fat.
  4. Adam - Because he viewed us on Friendster. Is it sad that lately that's all it takes?
  5. Logan Circle - Because if you can't make it there, you can't make it anywhere.
  6. Kevin W. - Because we once said he was passé and we felt guilty. But then he dated a boy we like, and now we're even.
  7. FHC's New Apartment - Because in the old one we were always promised great consolation sex from Kevin D.
For those readers who don't care about DC, in other news, we were ogling at the boys on Pretty Boys Club the other day and realized we totally KNOW one of the naked dudes!


Anonymous said...

Did Kevin W. date somone cute?? Oh, do tell!

LL said...

um bonjour we're also going to be there.

also, this list is so innocent, it's cute.