Sunday, January 21, 2007

So Either Mark Foley's Pages Are Getting Really Bored Or You People Are Messing With Us... we just got an IM from an unknown screenname, and had the following conversation. We are not making this up.

Unknown: Heyyy Sexxxxy
Fishwatch: Hi. Who is this?
Unknown: Whaat, u don't remember the guy you f**ked last night?
Unknown: Wasssup.
Fishwatch: No, seriously, who is this?
Unknown: Brian. Who is this?
Fishwatch: [redacted]
Unknown: Oh wow, srry, wrong SN.
Fishwatch: No problem. We usually remember the guys we F.
Unknown: LOL. asl?
Fishwatch: What is asl?
Unknown: age/sex/location?
Fishwatch: Did you really type in a wrong screenname or are you stalking me?
Fishwatch: 24/male/NYC.
Unknown: haha, no your SN is close to this other guys.
Fishwatch: Hmmm. And your asl?
Unknown: 16/m/FL
Fishwatch: OMG, is this "To Catch a Predator"?
Unknown: haha. No. I can send you pics if you want.
Fishwatch: Bye.


Frank said...

"OMG, is this "To Catch a Predator"?"


Bald Knob said...

Honestly, it may have been!!