Wednesday, January 31, 2007

We Kind Of Want To Put Tod Oldham In Our Pocket And Run Away With Him. Is That Wrong?

We met the cast of Bravo’s Top Design on Monday, and we have to say, they seem awfully chummy, which doesn’t bode well for our level of interest in the show. But we get a sneaky feeling that the characters Michael, Elizabeth, Carisa and Goil are the ones to watch, if you are interested in trying to keep up with the length of the season. (Yes. That means we have insider information. Thanks for allowing us to be subtle.)

But there is a chance this will combine our favorite things about Queer Eye (painting stripes on walls) and Project Runway (talented artists competing with each other). If it manages to skirt the pitfalls of those shows (exploiting gay stereotypes, trying to create too much personal drama), it could be a good show, that maybe we would start watching.

After all, you can’t spend ALL your time watching “Ace of Cakes.”

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bigmouth said...

We take back the subject line of this post. Todd Oldham is APPALLING.