Wednesday, January 10, 2007

BREAKING: Our Favorite Slutty Underwear Is DSquared!! did a poll recently about what were gay people's favorite things from 2006. The answers are really surprising!

  • Male celebrity we most wish were gay: Jake Gyllenhaal

  • Best song of the year: "SexyBack" (Justin Timberlake)

  • Favorite film: "The Devil Wears Prada"

  • Hottest male body: Daniel Craig

  • Favorite TV show: "The Colbert Report"

  • Hottest trend of 2006: Flirting with gayness

  • Most intriguing gay entertainment story: "Doogie Howser is gay!"
Oh, wait. Never mind.

And we wonder why all gay publications are so repeatedly wretched.


Toby said...

Favorite Blog:!

MyMyMichl said...

How about the worst gay related show ever: "Gay, Straight or Taken"? the show totally smells like dead fish, which incidentally is represented by the weekly bimbo who is supposed to choose which of three mystery men is the fag. Of course she's scooping and verbalizing every stinking stereotype she can to make her choice. If she loses, she ends up with the straight available one. Please spare me from reality TV.