Wednesday, January 24, 2007

In Related News, We Always Suspected Dolly Parton Was Really Black.

We hope at least some of you saw the incredibly awesome/catchy/appalling music video "God Hates A Fag" on Gawker yesterday. The artist took it down from YouTube and his website after some universal mockery from angry/amused New Yorkers.

We failed you by not posting it. But our co-worker Hugh pointed out to us that on the group's website, there is a list of "Safe Bands" and "Gay Bands," in case fans are interested in making other faith-based musical decisions. On the "Gay Bands" list, we were somewhat surprised to see Ghostface Killah, Phish, Metallica, Eminem, Jay-Z, and DMX. (though at the end of the list, Elton John appears twice, with the caveat "very gay." We can't argue there.)

But the best part? The second name on the "Safe Band" list?

Cyndi Lauper.


Charlie said...
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Charlie said...

I always had a feeling that Michael W. Smith was gay as well... I'm pretty sure it was my gay godfather that had me singing along to his 1997 album "Change Your World" at age 14.

Anonymous said...

MWS is so gay. The Christmas album is gay-tastic.

t.todd said...

okay. on the 'gay gay gay' list: We all get The Village People (hey, even when i was 7 years old, I made my big sister take me to see their phabulously gay film extravaganza, 'Can't Stop the Music". And of course, we also get Frankie Goes To Hollywood, The Pet Shop Boys, and Cole Porter (duh).

But is any young, proto-gay out there anywhere, struggling with his sexuality in 2007, and actually listening to, umm, Kansas?! Or Motorhead? Or barry fuckin manilow for chrissake??

Gotta love the Big Homo Hater though, for adding Clay Aiken to the Way Gay list. Poor Clay, even his fellow "christians" know he's a fag.

My favorite line from the God Hates Fags Musical Extravaganza Video thingie? "No, you can't get to heaven by the back door." Really? Well, thanks, but I'll keep trying.
Or maybe it was "Young man, get down on your knees." Oh yes, young man, please do. Go on, just stay down there for a bit. there now, isn't that fun?